Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet Tea

For my birthday, I received an iced tea maker!  I LOVE sweet tea so I was so excited! This works great because you just add water, and Lipton tea bags, and the machine steeps the tea--- you don't have to add sugar (but I do) and place the pitcher under the spout and before you know it you have tea! When it is finished brewing, just fill with ice up to the line and voila!

Recently, I have been making 3 quarts, so I add 1.5 cups of sugar.  I like my tea pretty strong and after experimenting quite a big, I find it works best when I use 7-8 tea bags for 3 qts.  When I drink it, I add a splash of lemon juice (I have lemon juice from the potato recipe) to my glass.

I haven't tried flavored tea bags but I am sure it would be good.  Our old neighbor would add a few lemon or raspberry tea bags along with some regular ones.  I used to love it to visit her house for the tea- and other reasons too :D

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