Monday, January 24, 2011

French Onion Soup

I was able to use my crockpot yesterday! Isn't it the cutest thing?

When I was home for break, my mom and I went shopping and came across this little deal.  Can you believe it??? $2.48 ---for a crockpot! I am so excited to try out a few things. 
 I did something really simple with canned soup, but found a little way to spruce it up!
Here is what I used.... Plus a little garlic power sprinkled in: Salt, Campbell's French Onion soup, pepper, and Evoo.
I just added all these things to the crockpot, along with a can of water, like the soup can says, and let it cook/warm up on low for 2 hours... it was ready before then, but it was about 2 hours before I sat down and ate it!

I found a few recipes online that said to add just a splash of olive oil to give canned soup the flavor of being simmered.  It tried it and as it warmed, it mixed it and did taste like it was real french onion soup!

I don't have any bowls so I had to eat out of a storage container, but it still was tasty and easy!

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  1. Glad that crockpot works. Can NOT wait to see what you make in it next!